Waste Capital Partners is a US Delaware C-Corporation that is the holding entity for operating company Waste Ventures India, an India Private Limited Company. Our Management Brings Experience in Innovation, Operations, and Scale.  


Parag Gupta, Founder
Founder of Waste Ventures (2009),  Waste Capital Partners (2010), Waste Ventures India (2011), and BASIX Municipal Waste Ventures (2012), Parag began waste work managing compost-shed development in Bokaro. He audited waste volumes in Patna and shadowed waste collection systems on the back of garbage vehicles in Osmanabad. Formally the Associate Director at the World Economic Forum, Para developed the Base of Pyramid trainings in Davos, India, China, and the Middle East. He participated in the inaugural Global Agenda Councils on Social Entrepreneurship and impact investing, and developed significant networks in pushing forward impact management. A former consultant in North America, Latina America, and South Asia, including at Bridgespan and Technoserve, Parag received his Master's Degree from Harvard Kennedy School and Bachelors at the University of Chicago.

Ravi Krishna, COO
With fourteen years of operation experience in public-private partnership businesses, Ravi ran the largest area of operation as state Head of Operations of a major water purification business. He developed over 100 PPP projects across villages, towns, and cities. Formally Ravi worked in private-sector financial services across various products including insurance, argi-products, and micro-finance.

Nageswara Rao, Business Development

Over fourteen years of urban and rural financial services experience, Nageswara has a varied background managing operations at senior levels in MuthootFincorp, Fullerton India, and L&T Finance.  He has particular experience in recovery, procuring deposits, insurance, loans, and administration.

Venu Gopala Rao, Finance & Metrics

Previously at BASIX Group, Venu uniquely combines both in-depth finance and operations expertise. Venu directed accounting and compliance activities including tracking financial metrics for C-level management decisions. Venu brings extensive operational experience as regional manager for business development operations and strategy in Andhra Pradesh.

Hermadri Pillai, Sales & Marketing

Polymer & plastics industry expert, with significant experience in both private and public sectors, Hermadri started his career in the private sector in the plastics & polymers sector, before moving into PPP development projects. As Area Officer of Naandi Water Services, he managed cross-subsidized water services, government relationships, and awareness programs.


Vijay Mahalan, Founder & CEO of BASIX

BASIX promotes livelihoods of more than 10 million low-income individuals. Vijay founded over 25 social enterprises focused on livelihoods. Vijay is an active advisor to the Government of India, Reserve Bank of India, and NEBSRD.

Adrien Couton, Associate Partner, Dalberg
Adrien is an Associate Partner and the Lead of the Water and Sanitation Practice at Dalberg, a development consulting firm. Before joining Dalberg, Adrien was the CEO of Naadi Water, one of the largest BoP water utilities in India. He previously worked as an investor in water ventures as a manager of the Water and Sanitation portfolio at Acumen Fund. Along with previously working at the World Bank's Water and Sanitation Program, and at McKinsey. Adrien holds a Master's in Management from HEC, Paris, a Master's in Political Science from La Sorbonne University, Paris, and a Master's in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He is an Acumen Fund Fellow, a Yale World Fellow and an Asia Society's Asia 21 Delegate.

Harish Hande
Dr. Hande is the co-founder of SELCO, the first solar energy service company in India with an impact of 600,000 individuals. He is the 2011 recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award.

Amitabha Sadangi
Amitabha Sadangi is the CEO of IDE-India which created technology such as treadle pumps and drip irrigatoin for micro-farmers. He is a recipent of the Ashden Award, Skoll Award, Gates Funding, and Acumen Fund investment.


Dr. Sanjay K. Gupta
Having established more than 120 small enterprises in waste management services generating employment for more than 6000 informal workers. Dr. Gupta provides hands-on technical assistance on a project-by-project contract basis.

Waste Concern

Waste Concerns manages more than 800 tons per day of organic waste in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is the first company in the world to operate on CDM-register compost project. Waste Concern provides as-needed guidance on composing and CDM process.

Dr. Akula
Dr. Akula is the founder of SKS Mircrofinance. He provides mentor-ship on scaling business and raising investment 2-3 times per quarter.

For more information about Waste Capital Partners, please contact us via e-mail admin@wastecapitalpartners.com.

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