Operations Supported by Waste Capital Partners

Waste Capital Partners currently works with two projects - one in Osmanabad in South East Maharashtra and one in Bokaro Steel City in Jharkhand.

Osmanabad, Collection with Waste Carts and Motorized Vehicles

In Osmanabad, waste pickers utilize both motorized vehicles and handcarts (where roads are too narrow) to collect waste door to door from households.  They alert the neighborhood to their presence by ringing a bell as they approach.  This has given the colloquial name 'Ganta Ghadi' or 'Bell Car' to the motorized vehicles. 

Composting in Bokaro

In its India proof-of-concept, Waste Ventures India assisted Nidan in developing its presence in Bokaro, Jharkhand to to create one of the first waste-to-compost operations in the India state of Jharkhand from the 40% of the city it was collecting garbage.  Specifically, Waste Ventures designed, project managed, sourced material, assisted in hiring, and conducted market feasibility for the compost plant.  The plant currently processes 30 tons of organic waste per month with designs to scale.  The municipality was so impressed it provided more land, provided water and electricity, and also extended the collection contract of Nidan to cover 100% of the city.