Summer Associate Position

We are currently looking for a summer venture associate to work with use to build out our operations on the ground in India. We are looking for a graduate student who can help bring Waste Capital Partners forward through our start-up phase.

Experience required: 
  • Minimum 3 Years in Investment Banking, Private Equity, or Venture Capital with increased responsibility 
  • Experience in emerging markets preferable Experience working at the Base of Pyramid (as an investor or at a start-up) is a plus 
  • Experience with Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure is a plus 
  • Experience working in solid waste management is a plus 
  • Refine the financial model of Waste Capital Partners 
  • Help incubate & prepare 4 - 5 SME companies for investment 
  • Create roadshow document for Waste Capital Partners 
  • Represent Waste Capital Partners before investors and potential investors 
  • Will work with you to ensure institution funding for your summer position 
  • Exceptional summer associates will be asked back for a full time position with time during the summer counting towards stock options and starting salary

To apply, access your university career portal / MBA focus or contact us directly through [email protected]

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