What We Do

Waste Capital Partners supports Waste Ventures India's Integrated Solid Waste Management which  provides sustainable and affordable waste management services.

Step 1: Household Collection- Households pay a nominal monthly fee for doorstep garbage service. The customers provide collectors their waste in two separated portions: wet and dry.

Step 2: Waste Pickers Collect Waste, Sort, and Sell- The waste collectors further segregate household waste into organic, recyclable, and inert components. Once this separation is complete, the waste pickers sell the materials to Waste Ventures India.

Step 3: Waste Ventures India Processes Organic Waste & Recyclables: Organic waste is turned into compost material by thermophilic aerobic composting method. Recyclables are cleaned, sorted, and traded.

Step 4: Waste Ventures India Markets Materials: The selling of organic compost as soil conditioner to local farmers increases soil aeration and ability of soil to recharge water. Recyclables are sold as alternative raw materials in manufacturing.

In this model:
-Waste pickers  are compensated 4500Rs a month, with the potential to earn 6500Rs based on performance. This is three times their previous income.

-Waste pickers receive government ID cards, health insurance, and assistance in opening bank accounts.

-Processing organic materials and recyclables offsets ~200kg of carbon emissions every 1,000 households served.